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One Dope Queen

1% Pin

1% Pin

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The "1% Enamel Pin" by One Dope Queen is a stylish and eye-catching accessory designed to make a statement. This pin features a bold, contemporary design that embodies empowerment and individuality. The central element of the pin is the "1%" symbol, artistically rendered in a striking font that grabs attention. This symbol is set against a vibrant background that enhances its visibility and aesthetic appeal.

The enamel used in the pin is of high quality, providing a glossy and durable finish that ensures the pin remains vibrant and resistant to wear and tear over time. The colors chosen for the design are both bold and harmonious, creating a visually appealing contrast that stands out when worn on any garment or accessory.

In terms of size, the pin is crafted to be noticeable yet tasteful, making it versatile enough to be worn on lapels, backpacks, hats, or any other fabric surface. The back of the pin is equipped with a secure and easy-to-use fastening mechanism, ensuring that it stays in place throughout the day.

Overall, the "1% Enamel Pin" by One Dope Queen is not just a fashion item, but a statement piece that reflects confidence, uniqueness, and a touch of daring. It's designed for those who want to showcase their individuality and make a bold statement in their daily fashion choices.

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